My professional journey is about leaving my comfort zone thought challenges, languages, skills & culture.

I was born in the end of 80’s in the 12 million people city of São Paulo. There I had experiences in anything from a Cinema Festival to an historic Advertising Agency called Talent. From there, while at Digital Design University, I moved to Madrid where I continued to work as an Art Director in worldwide agencies. While there, I received a scholarship to do a Master in Creative Advertising.

After a few years of movida madrileña I decide to come to Milan, where I’ve been living since 7 years. During my work in Advertising I was able to work for big brands like Burger King, Ferrari, Microsoft, Lavazza and others. But during those years I started realising that an important part of Design was missing: placing people at the center of projects.

Therefore I changed my path towards consultancy and started to teach at Istituto Europeo di Design. Due to my passion for Education, in 2018 I also achieved my degree in Pedagogy.

I’ve learnt and grew a lot through my more than 10 years of professional experience. I hope to continue on this route in the future. If you facing any challenge for which you think that I could be the right person, send me a message and let’s grab a coffee together.

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