Corti Teatrali

The first Multi-Theater in Italy

Corti Teatrali is a new company which aims to open in Milan the first concept of a multi-theatre location, where from a social cafè area the people can access 1 of 5 little theatre rooms where they can enjoy short performances in an intimate environment with no more than 20-25 spectators each.

This project was a unique challenge, since being one of its co-founders, I needed to create something that could answer all our needs and yet everyone of my co-founders could connect to. Furthermore, I had the direct responsibility to choose the right final design to go with.

One of the clear advantages of working for yourself is that you have a high level of freedom to develop what you like the most. At the same time, the challenge is to determine when you are fully satisfied with your work and can confidently state that you are “done”.

My initial approach was to present some different options to my colleagues, discuss them together, start again, work on different concepts, share again with them, then share with other people… and at the end, this below is the outcome of the work done.

We choose to go with a logo that could be simple enough to serve us well for all the necessary applications, and that could then be extremely modular. I wanted the logo to still reflect the dynamic-sense of the location, where people would enjoy continuously different shows playing, potentially with each room offering a different style; all of these shows being enjoyed for brief periods of time and in a small location where people would probably live a very intimate experience.

Season colours


Special events